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Why Choose Turnovur?

Photo by David Huynh / Unsplash

As Turnovur's cleaning supervisor, one of my roles is to oversee new client consultations. These consults offer me an opportunity to meet our new clients, learn their unique preferences, and introduce them to all

that Turnovur has to offer!


If I were meeting with you for the first time, I would share that we pride ourselves on offering detailed vacation rental cleaning and staging, free calendar syncing, and consistent and clear communication with both our hosts and our cleaners.

We pay our cleaners a living wage and use an app for their schedules, which includes a surplus of unit details and specifics. We are available 365 days a year and offer a series of options for your unit needs (deep cleans, anyone?). If you're curious how things work behind the scenes, we currently have an admin team of four who lean towards the slightly obsessive side of organization 😏


Need more insight? Take a look at some host feedback we've received (these are taken directly from our Google reviews):

  • "I’m so happy this company was recommended to me. They show up on time, work fast and efficiently, and leave our house spotless! Turnovur takes so much stress out of hosting!" - Gretchen, host

  • "I can't say enough positive things about Brooke and her company. She is prompt to respond, flexible with early check-ins, and has the highest standard for cleaning out of anyone I've worked with. I travel for work and can rest easy knowing that she has everything under control. Would highly recommend her company, Turnovur, to close family and friends" - Myriah, host

  • "Brooke is great! She is a lifesaver for my Airbnb business and I couldn’t maintain my listings without her. I am so blessed I found her. She is prompt, thorough and sends me pics and a checklist when she’s done. She even includes if anything needs to be restocked or repaired. Highly recommended!" - Kim, host


If you're in the market for a cleaning team and happen to find yourself here, there's

so much more we can share with you. Contact us with your questions and hopefully to you,

choosing Turnovur is a no-brainer!

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