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Properly is the app we use for scheduling and for communication with the hosts. The hosts have access to properly and are able to review each cleaning and pictures. Properly also provides you with information specific to each unit. Please review this training so that we are using this app completely. 

1. Open the Properly App. 

2. Click on the Job 

3. Click on the "Property Details" (circled in red)

4. This will open up the details you need to access the unit and any important information you need to complete the cleaning. (see example on the right)

5. Once you are in the unit, you can click "Start Job"

*This will start tracking your time. Understanding how long a unit is taking to clean is important so we make sure you are compensated well and helps us negotiate a higher rate with the host.


We work directly with the hosts to create the checklists for each unit. They have items that are specific and important to the hosts. The checklists are there to make sure we are meeting the hosts expectations. We recommend reviewing the checklist at the end of the cleaning to make sure nothing has been overlooked.


**The checklists help ensure that we don't get any complaints. Please make sure they are completed each cleaning.**

1. Pressing "Start" will bring you to the first slide of the first checklist.

2. Make sure each of the checklist items is  completed. You can slide through the checklists by swiping left/right.

3. Take a verification photo by clicking the photo icon. Make sure it matches the reference photo.

4. If you click "Done" without completing the checklist this will pop up. Make sure you complete the checklist before finishing the job.

5. Make sure to complete all the checklist items before finishing your job.

6. This box will pop up when you have completed all the checklist items for all checklists.


Writing a comment for each job is an important part of the service we offer. The host sees this information and knows how to review the guests, what to purchase for restock, and if there are any damages so that they can submit their claims to Airbnb. 

Please follow the structure of the comments in the example on the left. 

> Date

> Review of the guests (ie how they left the unit)

> Report on Damages

> Any Restock that is low:

> Anything additional to let the hosts know.


Please use the "Report a Problem" function to let us and the host know when there is missing inventory, or any damages. 

1. Click the "Triangle with the Exclamation Point" icon (while in the checklist view).

(see image on the left)

2. Fill in the form that pops up.


Title: Refrigerator Shelf is broken

Report: The third shelf has a large crack in it. I don't think it will hold anything on it. I removed it from the fridge and placed it in the closet.

*Take pictures of the shelf*

Severity (use your best judgement): 3

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