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Turnovur offers regularly scheduled apartment building Standard Cleaning in common areas and seasonal Deep Cleaning to keep them well-maintained. We understand the urgency to schedule unit move-in/out Deep Cleaning and are responsive to your scheduling needs..


Our office business owners rely on Turnovur's professional and meticulous commercial cleaning services, including regularly scheduled Standard Cleaning of common areas and business office units. We recommend scheduling Deep Cleans regularly to help maintain your business environment to the highest standard of cleanliness. This schedule can fit your needs, whether it is a frequent commercial cleaning - every week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

We are dedicated to maintaining your business’s exceptional appearance and prioritize the health and safety of your customers and employees, ensuring a clean, inviting environment.

Our Standard Cleaning will make your business sparkle and includes:

Vacuum carpet and rug(s)

Sweep/mop hard floors

Floor mat cleaning

Gather and take out all trash

Polish glass main entry door

Remove dust from all common areas, break rooms, and other specified surfaces

Clean/disinfect all touch points

Wipe down appliances exterior surfaces

Thorough break room/kitchen cleaning

Clean/disinfect restrooms

Odor control

Interior/exterior cleaning of mircowave(s)


Standard Clean
Seasonal Deep Clean

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is an on-going battle. Our Deep Clean attacks those hard to reach areas and brings your business up to high standard of cleanliness. We strongly encourage your very first clean with us to be a Deep Clean to bring your business to the highest standard.

A seasonal or more frequently scheduled Deep Clean includes:

Everything from our Standard Cleaning Checklist

Doors and baseboards

Ceiling fan dusting

Garbage bin cleaning

Interior window cleaning

Window frames

Stove burners

Organize and clean inside of fridge

Clean inside of oven

& More

Organize and clean inside kitchen cabinets (cabinet shelves)


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