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Hot Tips: Prepping Your Unit For Winter

White mantle place with a white frame, round mirror and candles to signify the coming winter months
Photo by Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Make your unit guest-ready for winter with these 4 cleaning and staging tips!


If you're not already in the habit of updating your unit each season, consider starting

this winter. You'll find a myriad of ways to be creative and your guests will thank you for it. Taking time to consider the small things is sure to improve your guest experience, make it easier for your cleaning team, and to boost those ratings!

1. Create An Area for Rain Boots, Snow Shoes and Winter Coats If your vacation rental is located in a region that experiences winter weather, you know how the elements like snow (or rain here in the Pacific North West) can affect floors and entryways. Purchase new, weather proof welcome mats for the doorway, along with a shoe tray for boots or umbrellas. Consider adding a rug underneath a coat rack to catch any drips from hanging coats. If you want to go the extra mile, add a cozy chair or bench near the entrance to make removing shoes easier.

2. Trade Out or Purchase New Winter Bedding

Great bedding is essential for any vacation rental and what traveller doesn't love thick sheets and a hearty comforter on a chilly evening? Consider the comfort of your guests by purchasing a set of flannel sheets and a thick comforter or duvet insert for each bed. Adding warm and soft blankets to each bedroom and sitting room is a nice touch, and surely makes guests feel extra cozy during their stay. Here's a bonus - many companies have a warmth guide to follow for purchasing linens.

Pro Tip: always purchase at least two sets of linens and duvet covers in case of damages. This also gives your cleaning team the extra supplies they need for a successful and efficient turn.

3. Wash Curtains, Pillows and Comforters or Duvets

With colder months comes closed windows and less fresh air circulating throughout the unit. This can mean more dust and increased smells. Consider laundering any curtains or drapes to remove dust and dirt. This will also remove any particles that come with the busier spring and summer months. Along with curtains, we recommend giving all pillows and comforters a good wash. Pillows and comforters (even those that are protected by covers) tend to hold smells and particles as well. Washing them is a great way to give your guests a sense of ease as they will surely be spending more time inside of your cozy unit.

Pro Tip: don't have time to wash linens and curtains? Considers scheduling a Deep Clean with us. We manage larger loads of laundry like comforters and duvets during these cleans.

4. Complete Those Repairs!

With winter months comes more time spent inside. Your guests may be visiting family

or celebrating the holidays within the unit. And with extra time inside comes more use of the unit, including light switches and fixtures, appliances, door handles, cookware and more. This means guests are also more likely to see the small details of what has been neglected inside of your unit.

So, be honest! Have you been putting off fixing that side table or kitchen cabinet? Have you been meaning to replace those stained kitchen towels or stock up on light bulbs? Now's your chance to get things done!

What other winter updates are you planning? Let us know in the comments below, and from all of us here at Turnovur, have a great season! ❄️

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