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Cleaning During A Pandemic: Our Covid -19 Protocols

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Photo by Vera Davidova / Unsplash

As the summer settles in, we want to check in about this strange thing called "COVID-19."

It's no surprise that we are receiving questions regarding our cleaning protocols during this time. Whether you are a long-term client or a prospective host, here's how we are handling proper and protective cleaning protocols:

We are following the Air BnB Cleaning Guidelines and continue to follow

our standard cleaning procedures. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Every cleaner is required to wear both gloves and masks during cleanings

  • Cleaners are continuing to disinfect and sanitize high touch surfaces

  • Cleaners are using disposable cleaning supplies

  • Cleaners continue to ventilate every unit

  • We are not using bleach during our cleanings

  • NOTE: If you would like disposable gloves and/or masks left out for your guests, we are requesting that hosts provide these materials for us to stage

Need more insight? Take a look at these articles from Air BnB:

(Hosts with eligible listings who commit to Airbnb's enhanced cleaning protocol will

get a special highlight on their listing page!)


The comfort of your guests and the cleanliness of your units will always be our priority,

so take a deep breath and know that as you take good care, we take good care.

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