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Tips for New Hosts (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Are you new to the Air BnB scene and worry about the cleanliness and property value

of your home? Here are a few tips to consider!

Tip #1: Set Clear Property Rules

Setting clear boundaries with your guests is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It also lets guests know that you care about your property. For instance, you can leave a guest book with rules, or frame your home rules in one of the major areas of the house such as the kitchen or living room. Some great rules may include: no smoking in the home, no pets, prompt check-out time, and how to prep dirty laundry for your cleaners.


Tip #2: Set a good Price Point

Here is where we dispel the myth that in order to drive business, it is helpful to lower your cost per night. This is not true. Lower prices often draw in lower budget travelers which have the tendency to not follow the house rules, trash the unit, and leave you wondering why you listed your precious property in the first place. We recommend raising your prices SLIGHTLY to attract travelers with more respect and honor for your home and business.

You can also start by looking around the Air BnB site. If you find that most people are charging $50/night for their 1-bedroom and have great reviews, you might consider doing something similar. The Airbnb Community is also a great place to get in direct contact with other new hosts.


That's all for today! Come see us again for more tips on how to get started with a CLEAN and SHINY unit!

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